Our approach to architecture is to provide real value to our clients through a creative process that is back by a comprehensive understanding of how buildings are built. We work with respect to the natural and built environment and trust our building designs are useful and simply pleasing. We offer a full architectural service from scheme design, planning applications, building regulations, through to on-site monitoring and contract administration.


We advise on the conservation and repair of historic buildings offering a practical understanding of the historic context, heritage value and materials and construction of traditional buildings. We can prepare listed building applications and have many years experience in dealing with negotiations with conservation officers and English Heritage. Where required we can help our clients with enforcement notices and renegotiating listed building works.

Cost Planning

We provide a comprehensive cost planning service to help our clients balance design decisions with their cost implications. We provide overall budgeting and detailed tender and sourcing information as required. We keep abreast of local labour rates and materials prices and can help secure discounts on direct purchases.

Access Audits

We provide full access audits of new and existing facilities in order to help our clients meet the requirements of the Disabled and Discriminatory Act. We offer a full accessible design process on all our projects to ensure the needs of all the community are considered in a singular comprehensive approach.

CDM Coordinator

To help our clients deliver their projects within current legislation we provide a full CDM Coordinator service. We apply this early within the design process to reduce risks to health and safety in both the construction and operation of our clients buildings. Our pre-construction health and safety plans and risk assessments are followed through on site through the monitoring of contractors proposal and the coordination of comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals.

Construction Management

We are fairly unique within the UK as being able to offer a professional construction management service to our clients. This enables us to deliver our projects directly through the use of specialist contractors and direct labour. Our CM service enables design decisions to be taken much later in the building process and allows our clients to remain fully in control of the decision making process where they want a more direct involvement in their projects.