Shop and Cafe

The new building replaced a collection of old glasshouses and timber structures. It contains additional sales areas, pet centre and a café..
The site is set in a valley near the centre of Bath so is within the World Heritage City boundary and the Green Belt. This constrained the area, height and the design, particularly when viewed from above.
The roof was divided into three equal flat roofs planted with sedum that step up the slope of the hillside. This results in the building appearing to be a continuation of the existing planted terraces on the site. The uppermost roof is sufficiently high to provide a mezzanine level for the café which opens onto a south facing terrace. The planted roofs are constructed with steel decking on glulam beams supported on galvanized steel columns. Flanking walls are Bath Stone faced designed to imitate ‘walled garden’ walls.

This project was an attempt to provide retail visibility in the context of the location within the World Heritage City boundary, the Green Belt, and the Widcombe Conservation Area. The site of the building is a green oasis in a predominantly residential suburb, close to Bath City center, set in a valley which rises steeply.see